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new fw22

Classic Gigi Opal Bracelet

Classic Gigi Opal Necklace

Opal Diamond Puce Necklace

Classic Gigi Opal Necklace

Pearled Cross Diamond Pendant

Opal Heart Supreme Diamond Bracelet

Classic Gigi Opal Necklace

Opal Vintage Cross Diamond Bracelet

Emerald Pearled Cross Mini Rosary

Black Pearled Cross Mini Rosary

Pearled Cross Black Earrings

Étoile Black Diamond Necklace

Opal Puce Diamond Bracelet

Pearled Cross Diamond Pendant

Black Pearled Cross Mini Necklace

Emerald Pearled Cross Mini Necklace

Lace Cross Diamond Pendant

Étoile Black Bracelet

Opal Puce Diamond Necklace

Gigi Supreme Opal Diamond Necklace

Étoile Diamond Pendant

Midnight Eye Sparkle Diamond Bracelet