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Sapphire, Lapis & Coral

Enchanting and timeless blues, enhanced with a note of coral to illuminate

Lucky Clover Coral Diamond Bracelet

Classic Gigi Sapphire Bracelet

Puce Sapphire Diamond Bracelet

Classic Gigi Sapphire Necklace

Pearled Cross Diamond Earrings

Madone Resin Coral Necklace

Side Cross Coral Necklace

Sun Pendant

Lucky Clover Diamond Pendant

Classic Gigi Lapis Bracelet

Vintage Cross Coral Diamond Bracelet

Gigi Supreme 5 Diamond Sapphire Necklace

Star Diamond Earrings

Gigi Supreme 1 Diamond Sapphire Necklace

Eye Sparkle Midnight Diamond Necklace

Madone Resin Coral Bracelet

Petite Moon Diamond Pendant

Classic Gigi Coral Earrings

Star Lapis Diamond Bracelet

Classic Gigi Coral Necklace